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Artificial intelligence is transforming the way the Government operates and delivers value to the public. From enhancing security and efficiency to enabling innovation and collaboration, AI empowers the Government to achieve more in various domains. Public sectors are turning to AI for streamlining functions like managing welfare disbursements, fraud detection, urban infrastructure planning, responding to citizen inquiries, making immigration determinations, facilitating bail hearings, and healthcare case prioritization. 

Several state governments have introduced the integration of AI/ML capabilities to enhance the services offered to their constituents. This includes areas like public transportation, DMV operations modernization, and providing informed decision-making support for enrollment analytics.

Health agencies are utilizing AI to accelerate drug trials, drug discovery, and analysis of health records and medical data, which includes complex imaging data from microscopes, MRIs, and X-rays. As a result, there has been an increase in both greenfield and brownfield projects in genomic and personalized medicine.

Moreover, civil and health agencies have begun incorporating AI for a variety of purposes. They assess their AI readiness, identify areas with high potential for return on investment, and deploy AI for essential use cases such as trade monitoring, fraud detection, research, and analysis related to the economy and climate.

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Create Citizen-Centric Experiences

Our Product and Service recommendation Platform driven by AI/ML holds notable potential in the government and public sector. We can personalize and optimize the information and services provided to citizens. For instance, our solution can recommend specific public programs or benefits tailored to an individual's needs, making it easier for citizens to access crucial services.

Our AI-powered recommendation platform can help streamline procurement processes for government agencies by suggesting the most cost-effective suppliers and contracts, ultimately contributing to cost savings and more efficient resource allocation. Moreover, in public libraries, our AI-driven recommendation engine can suggest relevant books, research materials, or educational resources based on user's preferences and past activities.

Quick Information Retrieval

Our AI/ML based Semantic search solution offers significant advantages to the government and public sector. One prominent application is in improving information retrieval and faster decision-making. Government agencies can harness semantic search to precisely locate critical documents, policies, and historical records, enabling faster and more informed decision-making.

Moreover, it enhances the transparency and accessibility of government data for citizens by enabling natural language queries. Our AI-driven semantic search can quickly identify patterns and relationships within vast datasets. Leveraging AI-powered semantic search, governments can streamline information access, promote transparency, and enhance efficiency to better serve the public.

Stringent Privacy and Security

The application of synthetic data generation through AI in the government and public sector is gaining momentum. One vital use case is in privacy protection. Our Solution can generate realistic yet anonymized datasets so that government agencies can facilitate compliance with data protection regulations while still conducting meaningful analysis and testing. 

Additionally, synthetic data serves as a valuable resource for training machine learning models without risking the exposure of sensitive or private information. This can be particularly beneficial in fields such as healthcare, where ensuring patient confidentiality is paramount. Synthetic data ensures that government entities can harness the power of AI and data-driven insights while upholding stringent privacy and security standards.

Real-Time Citizen Queries Response

Our AI based virtual assistants are proving to be a transformative tool in the government and public sector. These intelligent virtual assistants are instrumental in enhancing citizen services and streamlining administrative processes. They provide instant responses to common queries, assist citizens in navigating government websites, and guide them through bureaucratic procedures.

This significantly improves the accessibility and efficiency of public services, making it easier for citizens to interact with government agencies. Our Virtual assistants also aid in data analysis, helping government entities extract insights from large datasets for informed decision-making. Moreover, in emergency situations, they can provide real-time information and guidance ensuring the safety of the public. 

Combined with the right data foundation and building a single source of truth


Composable Architecture

Reusable design pattern


Decision systems

Fuel intelligent insights


AI Democratization

AI accessible to wide range of users



Scalable machine learning models

Business Benefits:


Increase in productivity achieved through targeted product and service recommendation 


Quicker resolutions, Using Virtual Assistants  that can understand and respond to customer queries


Speed to execution, Reducing the time required to achieve operational efficiency across multiple domains


Cost reduction, Applying AI and intelligent automation solutions to automate tasks that are relatively low value and often repetitive

$4.1 bn

Savings and recoveries in fiscal year 2020, primarily from fraud detection and prevention efforts in healthcare programs

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