Chapman Richardson: What You Should Know When Implementing MDM Globally

Digital strategist Chapman Richardson has spent more than 20 years leading transformational programs for global businesses, helping them understand the gap between their current state and goal state, then identifying how best to bridge it.


Racing Towards the Future of Customer Experience

Customer data and results mean nothing without context. If you don’t know what drives customer behaviors, you don’t know how to meet their expectations or earn their loyalty. 


Deliver Better Business Outcomes Faster with an Actionable Data Strategy

Aligning data strategy to business priorities is a must for a successful CDO. But increasing amounts of data, fragmentation, complexity, regulation, and users can keep you from putting your strategy into practice.

Data Silos

Drive Revenue with Data Sharing: Overcome Data Silos with Data Democratization

Data silos cause a huge amount of frustration. It takes time and money to deal with inaccurate, redundant and repetitive data. You need high-quality data in the right hands at the right time. 


Anwar Mirza: MDM is Boring. Let’s Talk About Business

As head of data strategy and governance at FedEx Express EU, Anwar Mirza is an expert in maximizing the business value of data. 


How to Streamline Supply Chain Management with Faster Supplier Onboarding

To avoid supply chain disruptions and ensure supply continuity, organizations need to be agile and flexible. Onboarding new suppliers can sometimes take weeks or months, due to manual processes for reviewing and approving information and documents provided by the supplier. 

meet the expert

Meet the Experts: What’s New in Multidomain MDM & 360 Applications

Informatica introduced many new services to the Intelligent Data Management Cloud in 2022. These new services make it easier and faster than ever to use our modern, cloud-native multidomain MDM.


How to Modernize from PowerCenter to IDMC

You have trusted Informatica PowerCenter for mission-critical data integration needs for years. Now, as you’re modernizing to the cloud, you must protect your investments in your on-premises enterprise data warehouse. We can help with that, too. 

light speed

What’s New in Informatica Cloud Data Governance and Catalog (CDGC), Cloud Data Marketplace (CDMP) and Cloud Data Quality (CDQ)?

Digital commerce has boomed in the last two decades as shifting shopping habits transformed the retail landscape. Customers now expect a seamless shopping experience whether they’re buying online or in-store.