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The emergence of e-commerce and digital technologies has resulted in the continuous generation of substantial volumes of data related to consumer behaviour, market trends, and sales performance. The critical necessity of consumer analytics is increasingly evident, and its profound impact on marketing, sales, and overall business performance cannot be overstated. Enterprises that effectively harness the power of customer analytics are positioned to outperform their competitors across various key performance indicators (KPIs), including return on investment (ROI), profitability, customer acquisition, market share, sales volume, and revenue growth.

In the challenging landscape faced by Consumer-Packaged Goods (CPG) and Retail organizations, obtaining a comprehensive and well-structured perspective from their data remains a persistent challenge. PDI, leveraging its analytical prowess and consulting proficiency, plays a pivotal role in assisting businesses in dismantling data silos and attaining a competitive edge.

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Personalized Product Recommendations

Our Customer Analytics Suite, powered by AI, enables a deeper understanding of your customers. Discover untapped revenue opportunities by gaining insights into customer needs and preferences from multiple perspectives. Leverage these insights to fuel growth in marketing campaigns, loyalty programs, and eCommerce platforms. Prepare for a significant enhancement in personalized customer experiences!


We can help leverage customer data and behavior to provide personalized product recommendations on e-commerce websites or through mobile. This can boost conversion rates and customer loyalty. Enhance the search functionality on your website or app by understanding the context of user queries. This helps customers find products more quickly and accurately.

Supply Chain Analytics

Your organization should upgrade supply chain processes and invest in analytics and technology to keep up with the expanding consumer base. We offer an integrated Connected View platform that provides real-time data visibility and a comprehensive perspective of the supply chain for Retail and CPG businesses. This allows you to address gaps in the system proactively and achieve optimal efficiency, manage inventory with better accuracy and cost reduction.


Generate synthetic data for inventory forecasting and optimization. This can help retailers plan their stock levels more effectively and reduce overstock or understock situations.


Customer Sentiment Analytics

Utilize the power of PDI's advanced Artificial Intelligence platform to optimize pricing and promotions, while providing a personalized shopping experience. Our AI-powered solutions can help boost customer engagement. Get started today!


Analyze customer interactions and feedback across channels (e.g., social media, chat, email) to gauge sentiment. This helps in identifying and addressing issues promptly, improving customer satisfaction and pricing optimization.

Customer Experience

Get ahead of the competition with an AI-powered platform from PDI. Our product innovation platform uses data-driven insights to guide product development, design, and marketing & sales strategies. Unlock retail and CPG product evolution today!


Implement a virtual assistant for customer service inquiries. It can provide instant responses to common questions, handle routine tasks, and assist customers with product inquiries, which can reduce customer support costs.


Combined with the right data foundation and building a single source of truth


Composable Architecture

Reusable design pattern


AI Democratization

AI accessible to wide range of users



Scalable machine learning models


Decision systems

Fuel intelligent insights

Business Benefits:


Sales growth realized from focused product recommendation campaigns.


Revenue revenue through personalized pricing, targeted promotions, and tailored product selection.


Monthly savings in person-days achieved by leveraging automated insights from contact center interactions


Number of person-days per month saved using auto-generated insights from contact center interactions


Weekend sales boosts possible with analytics-based retail store enhancements.

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