General Insurance Company

Design and development of data integration for reduced time-to-market !


A Leading general insurance company that also offers policy insurance and renewal through its intermediaries. It is engaged in general insurance, reinsurance, insurance claims management and investment management

Project Goals

Client wanted a modern, intuitive interface that had simplified design with power of Cloud Benefits and easy development of data integration processes. The objective was to make building and deployment of integrations quickly for developers to have improved productivity and reduced time-to-market

Our role and services delivered
• Assessment of the current PowerCenter environment and identification of any customizations or integrations that needed to be migrated to the cloud-native platform.
• Determination of the best migration strategy, based on scenario
• Replication of the current environment in the cloud by creating a similar infrastructure and configuring the required services
• Rebuilding integrations, testing and monitoring Project Results
• Improved productivity and less time-to-market
• Easy integration of data from multiple sources and systems.
• Lowered TCO