A government-controlled not-for-profit corporation

Informatica solution implementation for increased efficiency !


A government controlled not for profit corporation that provides essential information on Canada's health systems and the health of Canadians

Project Goals

Client wanted PDI to develop the Logical and Physical Architecture and detailed Technical Design required for the implementation of Informatica products only (Informatica Axon, EDC, IDQ, BDM, and EDP) in two environments

Our role and services delivered

• Setup and Installation of Informatica Axon, EDC, IDQ, BDM, and EDP in the sandbox and development environment.
• Enabled SSL encryption for Informatica products (Informatica Axon, EDC, IDQ, BDM, and EDP)
• Conducted a smoke test of Informatica’s BDQ, BDM platform with the current in scope tools
• Ingest metadata into EDC using out of the box scanners, load facets (People, Org Units, Stakeholders, Roles, Workflows, Processes) into Axon.

Project Results

• Improved data quality: helped client in standardizing, cleansing, and validating data, thereby improving data quality.
• Increased efficiency: Automated data integration and management processes, which helped in saving time and increased efficiency. Also reduce manual errors and ensured that data is processed in a timely and accurate manner.
• Better visibility: Provided insights into data usage and data lineage, which helped in better understanding of data and its sources.