Data Management for 360-degree view of customer !
A Finance service company and one of the largest credit unions in Canada. Its is among the largest credit unions in Canada with 500,000+ members and $25+ billion in assets.
Project Goals
Client wanted to manage their critical data assets, such as customer data, in a central repository and get a 360-degree view of customer data by integrating data from different sources, removing duplicates and inconsistencies, and providing accurate and consistent data across the organization.
Our role and services delivered
• Implemented Customer MDM by enabling C360 solution with Informatica MDM
• Integrated with source and target systems through batch, or real time (pub-sub)
• Implemented Data Governance and Data Quality through Axon and EDC, and implementation of IICS and IDQ.
• Enabled best practices and engagement recommendations
Project Results
• Access to accurate, complete, and consistent customer data across all business units and systems
• Easily executable and personalized customer interactions and improved customer service
• Streamlined business processes and less time and effort required to manage customer data thus, improved operational efficiency.