AI Retail from PDI - Industry proven AI solution built to thrive in a fastchanging world.

Gain Meaningful Insights from customer your Data !

AI Powered Omnichannel Hyper Personalization Engine

AI Retail is a packaged solution, specifically built for retail, that combines data management with Prebuilt AI/ML libraries and Large Language Models, solving key retail use cases that can plug-n-play with customer's existing applications to accelerate speed to value and scale. An AI solution that works across key retail functions including:
  • Hyper-Personalized and Proactive Targeting to Grow Share of Wallet
  • Optimized Demand Forecasting and Planning
  • Fraud Detection for detecting real time anomalies & threats

Maximize Data and AI benefits for your Retail business

Retailers are harnessing our AI-powered solutions to drive results such as:

A comprehensive ‘Retail-led’ design

Built to help Retailers reinvent their business by leveraging powerful data and AI solutions to drive Share-of-Wallet, Hyper-Personalized recommendation, Proactive Targeting, and supply chain optimization.

Increased Retail sales by matching inventory with demand

Retailers can now increase sales by matching their inventory with consumer trends more accurately than ever before. Our (AI) based solution helps anticipate and provide real-time replenishment of items most likely to be in high demand.

Cost-Efficient AI Solution, and No Upfront Costs

Our AI solution is designed specifically for retailers and comes with no upfront costs – meaning that you can get significant savings while still benefiting from all of the AI technology, leveraging your existing cloud infrastructure.

Increased Supply Chain agility to meet business needs

Our AI solution will increase business agility within your supply chain operations. We understand how important it is to be agile in supply chain operations to keep up with changing customer needs, market trends, and fluctuating demand. 

Quicker time to market

Our AI solution is a Hyper scalar agnostic AI factory platform that will generate ML algorithms based on our prior successes, which will reduce project time from several months to just weeks, thereby giving retailers access to machine learning capabilities faster than ever before.

Scalable, and modularized

PDI Retail AI Solution Combines several state-of-the-art solutions into easy-to-customize modules. It’s designed to help you quickly build and scale the best AI solutions for your business.

Powering Multiple Use Cases Across Retail Industry

Retailers often face challenges with transforming data into actionable insights. Bridging the gap between accessing and generating meaningful, actionable insights at scale is crucial. In many cases, retailers often spend excessive time building data and analytics infrastructure rather than driving business outcomes and adoptions to achieve real impact.

PDI AI Retail is a Data & AI package solution, specifically built for retail that combines data management with a Pre-Built library of AI/ML use cases that integrates in real-time (plug-n-play)with the retailer's Online merchandising systems offering increased revenue, faster deployment, and efficiency resulting in cost savings.

Real time Share-of-Wallet recommendation
Real time Share-of-Wallet recommendation
Real time Share-of-Wallet recommendation

Personalized offers and promotions based on individual and household preferences, purchase history, and browsing behavior thereby increasing their engagement and encouraging them to spend more with your business

ML libraries
Pre-Built ML Libraries
Pre-Built ML Libraries

We have built a code factory that generates data science algorithms based on prior successes in a Hyper scalar agnostic way that will reduce project time from several months to a few weeks

Data Ware House - Copy
Comprehensive Packaged solution
Comprehensive Packaged solution

PDI's comprehensive offering covers all aspects of Data Management including Data Ingestion, Data Quality, MDM Householding), and highly optimized Machine Learning Models specific to retail use cases, that can be plug-n-play with your existing technologies investments (AWS/Azure/Cloud, etc.)

Improved contextual product search by leveraging Large Language Models
Improved contextual product search by leveraging Large Language Models

Increased Sales conversion by providing a superior, contextual experience for consumers based on their recent life events, along with detailed information about shopping habits, preferences, demographics, and enhanced customer experience by providing relevant product search results vs keyword-based search.

Powered by Databricks and Informatica for scaling your business
Powered by Databricks and Informatica for scaling your business

Leveraging the power of Databricks AutoML will quickly generate your baseline models, that can be scaled with the power of the robust Informatica cloud platform, along with our proven successful ML models (with confidence level > 90%)

Experience a complete 360° view of your customer!
Experience a complete 360° view of your customer!

With Retail AI, you’ll get a full 360° view of your customer—including their likes, dislikes, past purchases, preferences according to geography or age group, and more. Our AI software will help you gain insight into your valuable customers and develop tailored strategies that will maximize your ROI