Published: April 1, 2024

Pacific Data Integrators (PDI) implemented Informatica PowerCenter, PowerExchange, Data Quality, Data Validation Option (DVO), and Proactive Monitoring by leveraging PDI’s suite of automation tools
Project Summary
As part of this project, Pacific Data Integrators (PDI) created an anti-money laundering solution that allowed the client to detect and protect itself from frauds on the casino floor. Our implementation of Informatica PowerExchange CDC gave the Anti-Money Laundering Compliance Business Unit near real-time reports and an unparalleled view into possible frauds. 

PDI also upgraded all casino systems, giving the client the ability to process credit cards chips in all departments. This project was delivered in record time by leveraging PDI’s own automation tools. These tools can rapidly migrate data, and were used to bring data from the casino’s reservation systems, gaming systems, floor operations, and restaurants in real-time. This was accomplished in a matter of weeks, where comparable projects undertaken by other vendors would take months to complete. 

The casino business must stay up-to-date on technology in order to provide a flawless customer experience and maintain the highest levels of security. PDI has worked in the casino industry for years. Our consultants are intimately familiarly with this business and assist our clients in reaching a 360-degree customer view.
Business Challenges
  • The existing data warehouse’s design was not compliant with today’s data warehouse design and integration standards, making new system integrations difficult and time consuming
  • ETL’s failed frequently, resulting in a delayed delivery of reports to business users and delayed analytics
  • The data warehouse was built seven years ago and suffered from daily integration failures, preventing employees from viewing data on-time and resulting in frequent data warehouse crashes
Project Goals

  • Overhaul the database and ETL architectures to implement updated standards and strategies
  • Refresh the data incoming from various sources into the data warehouse without any failures, and deliver data on time for business users to generate their reports
  • Increase the flexibility and scalability of the database and ETL systems, enabling them to support new initiatives
Project Results
  • Implemented Informatica PowerExchange CDC for SQL Server and Oracle, to load data from various source systems into the Teradata Database
  • Implemented Salesforce integration with Informatica PowerCenter, enabling employees to foster closer relationships with customers and more accurately track customer data
  • Leveraged Informatica tools to integrate data from IGT Gaming, Opera Hotel Management, Genesis-Bravo Poker, Symphony, Medallia, and Enterprise Marketing Encryption
  • Enabled near real-time reports for the Anti-Money Laundering Compliance Business Unit
  • Conducted an Opera Hotel Management upgrade, giving the client the ability to process credit card chips
  • Increased data quality and created the ability to track the history of quality measures
  • Profiled, cleansed, standardized, and validated all address data